Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Show at Square House Studio

Friday, October 10, 2014

Judith HeartSong's salon - an artful conversation

My discussion group has been running successfully since I started it in 2011, with some amazing speakers who have come to share of their time and talents. It is now growing and will be jumping across the river and into Virginia for the first time. Salon will continue in Maryland, and is looking for a new semi-permanent home for the time being. In Virginia, salon - an artful conversation will be hosted by The Torpedo Factory Art Center!

We are also preparing documentation that will allow you to start a salon discussion group in your area, and we will even help you advertise!!

This month in Maryland:

Monday, October 06, 2014

so here I am again on my own.........

It is strange and odd to be back on blogger after so much time has passed. I was a founding board member working to open a new art center in Montgomery County, Maryland.... opened that art center..... ran that art center as the executive director..... filled it with 65 amazing artists, great programming and amazingly well attended gallery exhibits..... then merged with another org and was laid off from the art center I helped to found. Ironic.

That lay-off happened on September 4th and now I am re-grouping and being approached by a number of people to start a new artist studio project run the right way - by me. I have also moved my studio home for the time being and am unpacking it into a room in our house to create working space once again. It is shaping up nicely!

I am also brushing the dust off this well-loved blog and will be getting back to work in the studio, and posting here.... so stay tuned as I figure out where life is leading me next:):):)

Monday, April 22, 2013


Open Call for the Halls “Nature-Based”
Sunday, April 28 – Friday, June 28, 2013  
Capitol Arts Network is calling all metro DC area artists for a tremendous opportunity to showcase your work in our new art center located in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. Hanging system has been installed throughout our hallways and we look forward to showcasing the work of a wide variety of talented area artists for two months at a time. Each participating artist will have the opportunity to hang up to three pieces in our gorgeous light-filled building and the work will remain up for two First Friday gallery openings that CAN hosts along with the Washington School of Photography in our amazing new 27,000 square foot building on Wilkins Avenue in Rockville.
Capitol Arts Network will also sponsor a wine and cheese “Hall Crawl” mid-way through the first month of each two month show for participating artists and their guests to visit and enjoy the “Halls” show along with the current show in the 1100 square foot gallery and the chance to see our 31 artists’ studios. Date and time for the Hall Crawl will be announced on April 27th.

Work will be hung on a first come-first served basis, so early birds will indeed snag the best placement spots in our building first. Capitol Arts Network is acutely aware that display opportunities for metro area artists are disappearing, and in our efforts to build and sustain community we are excited to offer this fantastic new venue and a gathering place for artists of all disciplines.

Each entrant may hang up to three images, for a $50 fee. Artists will be allotted up to a four-foot wide section of wall (wall space varies) with one hanging rod and three hooks to display their work for two full months.  Artists with smaller pieces will be directed to suitable walls for the best visual display.
All accepted work must be properly matted, framed and wired for hanging.  Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, from 10am to 5pm on April 27th. Space is limited to approximately 50 artists, and only those with properly presented matted/framed and braided wired pieces will be accepted.   Properly stretched canvases with d-rings and braided wire will also be accepted.
This exhibit will be on display alongside our regular May and June exhibits, including the Congressional Art Competition hosted by Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen.  More than 300 visitors are expected to attend this opening reception. The June show will feature the work of five invited Metro area artists with numerous events planned throughout the month.
Due to the concurring high school show, we maintain the right to refuse a piece if it is not deemed appropriate for that age group.   
The Gallery will charge a 25% commission on sales. Price your artworks accordingly if they are for sale. 
Entry Requirements: 2D artwork that can reasonably hang from our Walker Display system. Staff will be on hand to check and approve pieces before they are installed.
There is a $50 entry fee for up to three pieces of art.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about presentation (matting, framing or wiring.) 
Payment will only be accepted in person on Saturday, April 27.  Cash, checks or credit cards accepted. 
Dates to Remember: 
Deadline for Submissions and Payment 
10am – 5pm, April 27 (First-come, first-served)
Art Pick-Up  between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Friday, June 28  

Capitol Arts Network
12276 Wilkins Avenue
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 661-7590
Contact Executive Director Judith HeartSong

Open Call for the Halls “Nature-Based”

Sunday, April 28 – Friday, June 28, 2013  
Call for the Halls Exhibit Entry Form Please type all information requested below, save this form and bring it with your art on April 27th. 
By submitting your entry in this exhibit, you agree to retrieve all images at the conclusion of this exhibit. You also acknowledge that all works remaining after the retrieval date listed above become property of Capitol Arts Network and are subject to disposal or donation to The Art Connection in the Capitol Region.    www.artconnection-cr.org
First Name ___________________________________  Last Name  __________________________________________
Street Address __________________________________________________________________________
City ______________________       State __________________________    Zip  _________________________________ 
Home Phone _________________________________           Cell Phone   _______________________________________
Email   ____________________________________________________________________    

Monday, April 01, 2013

Affiliate Artists at Capitol Arts Network

The newest art center in town just opened its doors with 31 Resident Artists and Room for 20 -25 Affiliate Member Artists.

Located in Rockville, Maryland and just 30 minutes from DC, we offer artist studios, a large gallery and classroom, and a meeting room for guilds and other organizations.

The Affiliate Program at Capitol Arts Network:

300 sq. ft. shared studio in the artists' hall

Storage for basic supplies (say an easel, stool, drop cloth and small cabinet for paints)

The ability to work in an inspiring environment with other artists from 10 to 10 weekdays and 10 to 5 on Saturdays and Sundays

The ability to work in the studio or public areas

Interactions on a daily basis with artists, visitors and guests

Member shows and first notice on open calls for entry with the resident artists

Group show with the Resident Artists at least once every two years

Participate in discussion groups and members events targeted toward improving your ability to grow and thrive as a professional artist

Attend openings and meet collectors and other arts professionals from the metro DC area

Is a studio of your own too much commitment? This is the program for you

Go away for a month in the summer? Don't pay for that month and we will hold your spot til you get back

Want to make more of a commitment to your art and process? Join the Affiliate Program at Capitol Arts Network


"LIKE" us on Facebook!

Capitol Arts Network

Saturday, December 22, 2012

news at long last!

Hello All! I have been working hard and teaming with some tremendously skilled and talented people to get this new art center off the ground, and have had little time to stop here and write.

I am so pleased to announce that CAN Studios, brought to you by Capitol Arts Network, will open its doors in early 2013. I have accepted the position of Executive Director as of January 2013 and am excited to get to work with the 33 artists we currently have juried in to make this building a vibrant and welcoming place focused on our artists and arts education.

CAN Studios………. where the artists are

Capitol Arts Network, founded in 2003, is a Maryland 501-C3 nonprofit organization that provides professional development classes, exhibition opportunities and studio space to artists in the D.C. area.

Our Mission:

Capitol Arts Network provides learning and outreach opportunities for arts professionals through education, networking and a dynamic work environment rich in creative thinking - building a stronger arts community while enhancing our community as a whole.

Our goal is to provide an enriching and supportive environment for artists of every discipline to learn, grow, and practice their craft, while building business skills and artistic capabilities to enhance their daily practice. Our focus is artist-centric and CAN Studios will provide not only artist space to work, but also an environment that encourages artistic success.

We build community!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

CAN Studios - Great things happening!!!

Prior to jurying, 50% of our studios are now spoken for after two informational meetings. We have an amazing diversity of artists and practices, including glass, ceramics, painters, photographers......... if you plan to send in your letter of intent, don't delay!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CAN Studios & WSP Informational Meeting for studio space

The Washington School of Photography
Capitol Arts Network - CAN Studios

Imagine a building that houses a photography center with six classrooms, three shooting studios, a gallery, public darkroom, conference rooms, and an office/studio rental program for photographers.

Imagine an art center in the same building - offering artists’ studios and space for affiliate artists to work. Imagine classes ranging from running an art business to networking and new processes - with a gallery, meeting rooms, classrooms, and space for all sorts of arts groups to meet with synergy, activity, and interaction.

Imagine two local nonprofits in a 25,000 square foot building, with gallery openings, classes, inspiration, and art happening everywhere. Imagine this building is open 70 hours a week, every day of the week, with classes and events at times convenient to your schedule (with plenty of free parking).

We did..... & we hope you'll join us to find out more.

We will be having two informational meetings at the Washington School of Photography for artists and photographers interested in resident artist or photographer opportunities either with the Washington School of Photography or Capitol Arts Network – CAN Studios.

September 5th from 7 pm -9 pm
September 8th from 11 am -1 pm

Join us at one of these meetings and we will offer plans and photographs of the building, with an information packet, application, and overview of both groups and our collective vision. With studio space for approximately 30 artists, and 10 photographers, we expect to fill quickly, so plan to attend one of these informational meetings!


*Email Judith HeartSong at judith@capitolartsnetwork.com by September 4, 2012 to attend.
*Let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list for shows and opportunities.

Washington School of Photography
4850 Rugby Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

If you have questions, please call Judith HeartSong at 301-661-7590.
Capitol Arts Network

PLEASE Pass this information along to your artist and photographer friends, your networks, and your artist groups and guilds!

Friday, August 17, 2012

NEW ART STUDIOS, Montgomery County, Maryland

Capitol Arts Network (CAN) is a nonprofit Arts Group founded in 2003, which has slowly grown to the point of needing a permanent headquarters in Metro DC.

We at Capitol Arts Network are also acutely aware of the need for artist studio space in the metro DC region. We are pleased to let you know that exciting things are happening in our search for a new location for much needed artist studio space in Montgomery County. A big announcement is coming by the the end of August, and hope that you will stay tuned as our plans move rapidly forward.

The team at Capitol Arts Network has been touring spaces and we have narrowed our search to a location that can easily house at least 30 or more working artists, and many more affiliate artists - with gallery, classroom, meeting space and the opportunity for vibrant growth alongside another thriving arts organization.

Our desire to encourage community building among a wide range of artists and their disciplines, and to offer tremendous educational and inspirational opportunities for area artists is well on its way to being realized, and we want to keep you in the loop!

If you are interested in knowing more and want to be in on our big announcement coming soon, please send an email to judith@capitolartsnetwork.com. Your contact information will NEVER be lent, rented or sold. Please also feel free to forward this information to artists, photographers, and other creative professionals who might be interested in studio space or the opportunity to become an affiliate artist - we appreciate your help!

Information will be posted on our website as soon as plans are finalized, and we anticipate great interest from the arts community as this project becomes a reality in a few short months. Come and be a part of the art!

Have a GREAT creative day!

Judith HeartSong
Capitol Arts Network


Saturday, July 28, 2012

all is well

flowers herbs and sunflowers

sunflowers 2012

I have been away from here for so long! I have been gardening and making a  home, and am working with others to open a new art center with lots of artist studios. So many have written to check on me and I am happy and life is buzzing along. I will be getting back to the studio after a lot of planting and weeding and hole digging, but this time in my life was not to be missed. Thank you for thinking of me.... it means so much.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

life goes on

plants with crow plants and herbs plants on patio

I have been very busy.... and sometimes.... not.

Just being.

I have worked hard and found some time for quiet, and this new house has changed everything. It feels so good to come home, and feels good to be in our own space. I am taking a break from just about everything online, and from my studio work.... gardening, and like I said, just being.

I feed the birds and squirrels and water flowers and herbs, and wash windows and do chores..... and right this minute, aside from work, it is all I need. My mind is filing new images and ideas, and after this quiet time who knows what will happen. I am just.... happy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

a cup full to overflowing

I have been remiss in my duties here.... this blog I have kept steadily for so many years now. Mowing the lawn, gardening, unpacking my art and my art collection and placing things where they will go has taken time, but it is joyful time.... something you may not quite understand if you have lived in a house for many years. I am doing so many things for the first time in my own home. I am so happy.

Friday an arborist came out from the county and agreed that two trees need to be removed asap from the county right of way right behind our backyard fence...... that was good news and will make our house safer in storms. What a nice man he was.

Saturday we drove to Delaware for the day, and in the past I would look at all the houses on the way to our remote beaches and think about living in them and what that might be like. I had a short list of three or four favorite houses and would always look to see what was happening at each homestead when we drove by. On this trip I focused more on their plantings and trees and made a mental list of things we should plant. Nelle, I found a beautiful bleeding heart bush.... and we also bought a weeping peach tree for the back yard. I like our house so much better than those houses I always admired.

There is a hardware store in Milton, Delaware that is fifty years old... and driving by I saw a big yellow metal garden wagon with mesh sides and big tires that I immediately lusted after. We turned the car around and drove back to park and walk inside the store. We were delighted to find an old-fashioned hardware store with seeds in jars so that you could pour out the exact amount you needed, and row after row of home and garden essentials. This was the sort of hardware store that I grew up seeing..... the kind that sells chicks in the Spring. I asked if I could return the wagon if it wouldn't fit in my car... and the man got a measuring tape and walked out with me, assuring me they could fit that wagon in any car. We measured and he called another young man over, and in minutes they had that wagon in my car.... before I ever flashed a credit card. I went back in to pay and told them we would be back next time we came through, and I made a mental note to take the camera when we visit again.

While at the beach I immediately found a large driftwood board that I last saw there in January. I had so wanted to take it home in January, but it was too heavy to carry. I had come prepared with an ikea bag just in case we saw it again, and Virginia and I set it aside to pick up on our way back to the car. Virginia had a tremendous sea glass hunting day and scored several pieces of deep blue glass and a gorgeous purple piece... along with lots of other colors. The wind and water were wonderful and after so many weeks of hard work this day felt like playing hookie. At the end of our day we trundled the piece of lumber into the ikea bag and each carried a handle on the long walk back to the car.... things always just easier together... with our breath and the wind in our ears.

Back at home the driftwood is now out in the garden, with the three ceramic heads that used to sit outside my studio resting on top. They look great here! Yesterday morning our doorbell rang and the little girl from next door brought us piping hot popusas and salsa that her grandmother made for us..... YUM!

And that is a snippet of the days from our new life here in the burbs..... and life is good.