Wednesday, March 30, 2011

faux encaustic

faux encaustic topcoat thin glaze layers The six heart canvases were feeling way too electric for this particular fundraiser, and overnight I decided to put together a concoction I have adapted from faux encaustic recipes I have been collecting in the last several years. Working with real encaustic requires either a large workspace or ventillation hoods and a lot of safety checks to ensure both the safety of the artist and the building the artist is working in...... I have never had a desire to go down that path, but do like the affect encaustic produces. I wanted to dim down the coloration while keeping some of the fine details like the striping and the black and white scribbles of extruded acrylic, so I mixed up individual batches of this special recipe and layered it on before leaving the studio Sunday afternoon. Monday morning the layer had dried and become translucent like wax, and I started to add thin acrylic layers of paint to re-define the hearts. More to come.


Anonymous Indigene said...

I'll have to look for Faux Encaustic Recipes, too! You've done an amazing job!

10:53 PM  

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